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People who wish to travel to Scotland should be aware of certain aspects related to the country, the Scottish weather, the people, the sights, the scenery, the accommodation in order to spend a more enjoyable holiday. I have spent a total of 13 weeks in Scotland on holiday span across a 2 year period. I have inevitably picked up some important information and tips for the average traveller eager to travel to Scotland.

I have travelled to various parts of Scotland except for the Hebrides and the North West. Among other things I have had to face the horrific of Scottish weather but also the delights Scotland has to offer to all its travellers.

Because people have different personalities they prefer seeing and experiencing different things. Scotland is a country for everyone However picky and hard to please you might be, Scotland is one of the few countries that have almost everything you could wish for.

I have decided to create this section for those of you who would like to travel to Scotland but don't quite know how or what to prepare for the journey or even where to go in Scotland. I hope my experience as a Scotland traveller can be of some use to you. I also intend to include in this section a list of things, places, and activities that are a must when going to Scotland.

I hope you'll enjoy my Tourist Information. .

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