The Best Scotland Tours from Edinburgh with Rabbies

Mini-coach Tours to the Scottish Highlands and West Coast Islands

Take any of the 2-5 days guided Scotland tours put together by Rabbies and I guarantee that you will leave Scotland thinking it is one of the most gorgeous countries you've ever seen. I did and it's made me go back year after year.

Combined, the itineraries of these longer, multi-day coach tours cover all of the best places in Scotland (not just the highlights, but many beautiful off-the-beaten path sights as well). The challenge is deciding which of the 7 trips to go on or whether it's worth combining two tours and this is where local knowledge comes in.

Various Scottish Tours Photos:

Scottish Highlands and Islands Tours from Edinburgh:

2009 Long Scotland Tours Adult Prices: £63 to £239

2009 Long Scotland Tours Discount Prices: £59 to £219

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As someone who knows Scotland fairly well, I can say that the decision to go on one particular tour or another is influenced mainly by how much time you've got available and whether you've seen parts of Scotland before.

For example, if you have already taken a trip to Glencoe, Loch Ness (including Inverness), it may be worth going on one of the tours exploring other, more remote parts of the Scottish Highlands like the Far North or the North West Highlands or the harder to reach Western Isles. All of these tours will also go through the Central or West Highlands, giving you a chance to revisit the places you've seen before.

The Rabbies long tours of Scotland itineraries:

Because of the remoteness of the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles and the routes needed to take you there, there is a certain degree of overlapping between the itineraries but each and every of these trips is designed to explore a different area of Scotland:

2-Day Highland Tours

3-Day Highland and Island Tours

4-Day Whisky Tour to the West Coast of Scotland

5-Day Tours to the Highlands and Islands

Tour Dates and Times: The 2-days and 3-days Scotland tours with departure from Edinburgh run all year long but only on certain days of the week. The 4-days and 5-days tours to the Scottish Highlands and Islands run only in the summer (April to October) on certain dates or days of the week.

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