Touring Scotland with Rabbies Trail Burners

Personally tested

Years ago when I first went to Scotland on holiday I went on a one day tour to the Scottish Highlands with Rabbies and fell in love. That short day trip made me fall in love with Scotland and Rabbies will always be the company that made that happen. I have been on other tours with them since then and while they were all equally brilliant and well organised, that first Scottish tour will forever be imprinted in my memory as the time when I left my heart in Scotland.

Rabbies Trail Burners have been the best-known Scottish tour company for years. They offer a wide range of one day tours from Edinburgh or Glasgow, multi-day trips from Edinburgh to explore the Scottish Highlands and longer short breaks and holiday packages going to the far corners of Scotland. They also offer various already arranged specialty tours (whisky tours, clan tours) as well as private group and tailor-made tours to suit any interest, be it in wildlife watching, golf, history, archeology, genealogy, etc.

Being based in Edinburgh, the vast majority of Rabbies package tours use the Scottish Capital as a departure point.

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