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Fife Stagecoach Bus

If you're travelling from Edinburgh or Glasgow then getting to Fife is easy as pie. There are two Express buses running every 20 minutes for most part of the day from Edinburgh and every hour from Glasgow. They both go to St Andrews. Stagecoach Fife provides coaches and they're very comfortable In Fife itself there are local buses run mainly by Stagecoach Fife. See lower down for bus travel planning tips in Fife.

Stagecoach Express from Edinburgh and Glasgow

If you're travelling from Edinburgh like I did, you go across the Forth Road Bridge. The journey takes a few hours but there are many stops and you can get off anywhere you like. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your day out in Fife using Stagecoach buses.

Local Stagecoach Buses

Local buses are regular single and double decker buses Not as nice as the Express coaches but very clean.

Buses to Use in Fife

NOTE: Don't take the 95A on the way back from Pittenweem, Anstruther or Crail unless you want to get to Kellie Castle or Arncroach It's not a tragedy if you do, you just spend an extra half hour on the bus while it goes past Kellie Castle to Arncroach and then back to Pittenweem.

Planning Your Journey in Fife Using Stagecoach Bus Timetables

Fife's coast is too much to explore in a single day You have to be selective in what you want to see. Use the menu on the left side of this page to see what Fife's coast has to offer.

Whether you're coming from Edinburgh or Glasgow I suggest you get off at Leven Go to the Tourist Information Centre that's right next to the bus station (Levenmouth Swimming Pool & Sports Centre) and pick up all the bus timetables you can find Even if you're travelling from Edinburgh, pick up a timetable of the X26 (it's a good bus to take around Fife).

Choose the places you want to visit and check the timetables to see what options you have for travelling to them and then coming back. Bear in mind that early in the morning and later in the afternoon some of the buses don't stop in all towns and villages If you're unsure, ask some of the local people or the Tourist Information Centre. They're friendly and they will help you out.

From Leven you can walk to Lower Largo along a wonderful stretch of beach or jump on the bus to Elie or any of the other fishing villages.

Travel to Fife by Train

Unfortunately the flexibility of trains in Fife is quite limited. From Edinburgh you can only go to Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Cupar or Leuchars for St Andrews and from there you have to take the bus to your final destination. The train ticket tends to be more expensive than bus.

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