Photos of Hairy Cows from Scotland

About Scotland's Highland Cattle

Highland cows are a special breed of Scottish cattle with long shaggy coat and long horns. This breed of cows is easier to rear than other cattle because they're less fussy about what they eat and the shaggy coat provides adequate insulation in winter time. Highland cows are best known for their unusual coat and long bangs across their eyes and are affectionately known as hairy coos. They are commonly found in rural Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands and have an uncanny gift of becoming the center of attention and attract a crowd of tourists with cameras.

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Best Scottish Cow Photos
Highland Calf (Hairy Coo)5 star picPhoto of a hairy Highland calf in the village of Duirinish. REF NUMBER: #0124
Highland Calf (Hairy Coo)5 star picPhotograph of a Scottish calf that's particularly adorable near the village of Plockton. REF NUMBER: #0132
Highland Calf (Hairy Coo)5 star picFrontal image of a Highland cow with exceptionally long hairs across the eyes near Duirinish, on the west coast of Scotland. REF NUMBER: #0275
Highland Calf (Hairy Coo)5 star picPicture of an adorable Highland calf seen at Duirinish near Plockton. REF NUMBER: #1664
Highland Cow (Hairy Coo)5 star picPhotograph of an apparently unhappy Highland cow in Ardgour. REF NUMBER: #7406
More Highland Cattle Images
Highland Cow (Hairy Coo)Photograph of a Highland cow grazing on someone's fence in Duirinish near Plockton, on the west coast of Scotland . REF NUMBER: #0065
Highland Cow (Hairy Coo)Image of a Scottish cow blocking the road, in Duirinish near Plockton. REF NUMBER: #0081
Highland Cow (Hairy Coo)Picture of typical Scottish cows crossing a road bridge in the village of Duirinish, not far from Kyle of Lochalsh. REF NUMBER: #0107
Highland Calf (Hairy Coo)Photo of a cute Highland calf seen at Duirinish near Plockton. REF NUMBER: #1678

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