Airport Car Parks in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Whether you are leaving to sunny Spain from Edinburgh Turnhouse with your family or on a business trip from Glasgow Prestwick, airport parking becomes a necessity in your busy life. You drive to the airport and need a safe place to leave you car until you get back from wherever you're going. It doesn't matter if it's for a day, 7 days or an entire month. Here's a good guide on car parking at Edinburgh International Airport.

Who Needs Aiport Parking?

You may find car parks in airports useful if:

What You Need To Know About Parking Your Car At Airport

Long-term Parking vs Short-term Parking

The airports in Edinburgh and Glasgow are no different to London's Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton (except for size). They have two types of airport car parking areas: on-airport and off airport.

Bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airport | Bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport

As a general rule, on-airport sites are long-stay car parks (2 weeks or more) while off-airport sites are designed as short-stay car parks for short breaks and business trips.

Who Provides Airport Parking Services?

There are three private companies that offer on and off airport parking in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Glasgow Airport Parking

Edinburgh Airport Parking

Car Parking Quotes and Cost

Prices for airparking, in any given period of the year, in both Glasgow's Prestwick and Edinburgh's Turnhouse vary as follows:

Discounts are available for groups (15 cars or more).


For an added fee, you can acquire the Meet&Greet Parking service, which means that a certified insured chauffeur (valet) meets you at a certain time (say 60 mins before checkin opens) in front of the terminal building. You give him your keys and he parks it in an off-airport area. When your return flights land, you simply call him and he brings your car at the arrivals terminal.

Personally, I wouldn't opt for the Meet&Greet Parking service unless the off-airport car park has been tried and tested. I'd like to know that my car is being parked in a secure, safe area (which I can see with my own eyes). Also, it's one thing letting the letting the valet drive a few hundred yards to park the car, and it's quite another giving him keys to drive a few miles.

You can book a car place (or several, if you need to) online, and at railway and city centre locations across the UK. The best thing to do is book in advance, because the prices are cheaper by as much as 50%.

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